Sustainability training for the furniture industry with FIRA International

Training curriculum expanded to include new sustainability modules

04 May, 2021

We have expanded our online training curriculum to include four new sustainability modules focusing on materials and resources, the Circular Economy, packaging and packaging waste, and Sustainability Schemes and Certification.

Delivery of the new modules will start in May, then new cycles will begin again in April, October and November.

The format of the new sustainability training mirrors those of FIRA International’s more established modular courses which include flammability and REACH, both of which were developed to suit online delivery due to the current climate. The four new sustainability courses have been confirmed as:

  • Module 1: Material Transparency and Resource Efficiency

With a course agenda including regulations and voluntary schemes; materials and issues, such as land use, tropical wood and demonstrating chain of custody compliance; resource efficiency - monetary and environmental costs savings

  • Module 2: The Circular Economy

Which defines the Circular Economy with a focus on the furniture industry; assessing the environmental impacts of products; recycling, re-use and disposal options for end of life products; EU and UK legislative proposals and their likely impact on the furniture industry

  • Module 3: Packaging and Packaging Waste

This module considers the need for packaging; packaging legislation and demonstrating compliance; comparing packaging materials and alternative packaging materials

  • Module 4: Sustainability Schemes and Certification

Agenda includes how to navigate product certifications and organisation certifications; ISO 14001 Environmental Management; overview of ecolabels, product environmental footprints and Green Public Procurement

The new modules will be delivered by John Hubbard, Technical Specialist at FIRA International, and author of recent guides on sustainability published by the Furniture Industry Research Association.

Full details on all training from FIRA International is available here. Further modular training sessions hosted by our experts include three flammability options, and nine REACH courses.

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