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Carbon measurement is focus for our new training course

17 Jan, 2022

FIRA International have announced a new course for 2022: ‘Carbon Measurement and Towards Carbon Zero’. The course aims to support delegates in understanding the context of carbon measurement and the importance of robust action to reduce carbon emissions across the furniture supply chain.

Hosted by John Hubbard, Technical Consultant at FIRA International, the course agenda includes a focus on climate change and greenhouse gases, measuring carbon, carbon management strategies and how organisations can work towards carbon zero. The course is scheduled to run on 2 March, with further dates to follow throughout 2022.

Speaking on the new course, Hubbard said, “Much of the content for this new carbon focussed course was borne from the recent United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) held in Glasgow. One of the heavily publicised agreements from COP26 was to limit the emission of greenhouse gases to slow the impacts of climate change, and as such organisations are now facing more scrutiny about the steps they are taking in moving towards the zero carbon economy. This scrutiny will only increase if we move towards mandatory reporting on steps being taken. We’re already seeing some manufacturers voluntarily demonstrating the carbon footprint of their products.

“The furniture sector can have a complex supply chain, not only in sourcing materials but also the processes involved in manufacturing, so for some carbon measurement may seem daunting, but it is possible, and the right strategies, which will be covered in the course, will provide support in moving towards a carbon zero organisation.”

Full details on the new ‘Carbon Measurement and Towards Carbon Zero’ course are available here..

Further courses in the sustainability suite of training from FIRA International include ‘Material Transparency and Resource Efficiency’, ‘The Circular Economy’, ‘Packaging and Packaging Waste’ and ‘Sustainability Schemes and Certification’. Full curriculums are available here.

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