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FIRA International’s Home Working Solutions can help you, as an employer, fulfil your duty of care and ensure you’re meeting all relevant guidance and regulations.

Home working is so much more than simply taking a laptop home.

  • Permanent home workers require full workstation assessments, appropriate equipment and advice on control measures.
  • As any period of temporary home working extends, employers should have regular discussions with workers to assess the risk to their physical and mental health
  • Many home workers are adopting poor postures away from their regular office workstation and need support and guidance to avoid developing musculoskeletal complaints
  • Many workers do not have the correct equipment to support a comfortable work position
  • Many workers need independent guidance on purchasing suitable, DSE compliant home office equipment, and may need assistance to build or install it
  • GDPR breaches take place by not having lockable filing cabinets to securely store sensitive documents and data.

Our Home Working Solutions for part-time, temporary or permanent home workers include:

DSE Solutions
  • Full DSE assessments, in person or remote, tailored for temporary or permanent home workers
Ergonomic Consultancy
  • Experts to provide guidance on the specification and selection of DSE compliant furniture and computer accessories for home-workstations
Build and Set Up Solutions
  • Technicians who can build and set up home workstation furniture and accessories - including desks, chairs, monitor arms, and cabinets
Furniture Aftercare Solutions
  • Inspection and repair if furniture develops a ‘fault’, with photo triage identifying issues remotely

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