Cal Reg Test

Testing to the American flammability standard TB 117-2013

FIRA International are now UKAS Accreditation to the American domestic flammability regulation, ‘California TB 117-2013 - June - Requirements, Test Procedure and Apparatus for Testing the Smolder Resistance of Materials Used in Upholstered Furniture’. These are also known as the 'Cal Regs'.

The video below demonstrates the cigarette test to TB 117-2013. It's worth watching if you're unfamiliar with the test as it is very different to the UK’s Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations (FFFSR) test. Furthermore it is considered more difficult to pass than the UK counterpart.

The main differences in TB 117-2013 include:

  • A wooden rig is used
  • The cigarettes are longer (by approx. 15mm)
  • The cigarettes is covered by a flame retardant material
  • Three samples are required per test, and all 3 must pass

All samples must stop smouldering within 45 minutes.

The video explains how our experts test to the standard