Bed and mattress testing videos

Bed and Mattress Testing Videos

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Beds and Mattresses Testing

Watch this video to get an overall view of the common bed and mattress tests which take place in our UKAS-accredited facilities

BS EN 1957:2012

Mattress Durability

BS EN 1957:2012. Furniture. Beds and mattresses. Test methods for the determination of functional characteristics and assessment criteria

The test runs for 30,000 cycles, with a force of 1,400 newtons to determine the change in hardness, firmness and thickness

ISO 19833:2018

Ottoman Testing

The test involves 3,500 cycles - which take on average 2 days to complete.

The standard is ISO 19833:2018 Furniture. Beds. Test methods for the determination of stability, strength and durability

BS EN 1725:1998

Bed Frame Testing

See how our experts test to BS EN 1725:1998 Domestic furniture. Beds and mattresses. Safety requirements and test methods

The test involves 1,000 newtons of 10,000 cycles in three positions, followed by 5,000 cycles on the bed edge