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FIRA Service Technicians

About FIRA Service Technicians

Our experts offer a complete aftercare service, which is part of customer service programmes for many retailers, manufacturers and suppliers.

Our service can be tailored to be as involved as much you like, either carrying out the entire process from referral to close, or simply visiting your customers as often as you need us. With technicians based all over the country, fully supported by our call centre in Hertfordshire, we’re perfectly placed to independently support your business.

On average our first appointment offer is within 5 days and we keep 95% of the appointments we book, with 87% of cases resolved on the first visit.

We also have a ‘photo-triage’ service, whereby customers take photos of their products which we inspect online. This is more economical for our clients as it can negate the need for a ‘face-to-face’ visit, or if a visit is required we know the fault, and parts needed, in advance. This improves the customer journey.

Our reporting suite is a key benefit of our service. We identify trends in repairs which can help you identify issues across your supply chain (indicating possible quality issues etc.) or common issues with delivery which could be causing damage. This allows clients to work with their manufacturers to take action, reducing the risk of further complaints.

Our warehouse service enables us to place experienced technicians at your sites to help manage your returns, inspecting products to determine whether there is a manufacturing fault, or if the item can be resold.

We also have a ‘direct-to-consumer’ offering, whereby you to refer your customers directly to us if they are out of warranty. This means you still support customers, with the onus on them to prove any potential product faults.

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