Sustainability training for the furniture industry with FIRA International

Sustainability training schedule for quarter two

21 Feb, 2022

FIRA International offer five sustainability courses, with curriculums balancing 'theory' alongside practical steps organisations can take to reduce their environmental footprint. Courses are designed to reflect the increased scrutiny from consumers and stronger regulations governing sustainability, enabling delegates to understand 'best practice' which can be implemented within organisations across the furniture supply chain.

Bookings are now open for our sustainability courses running in May and June.

Our sustainability courses include:

Packaging and Packaging Waste

Legal obligations surrounding packaging, how organisations can
demonstrate compliance and avoid prosecution.

Sustainability Schemes and Certification
Understand the most appropriate scheme to demonstrate the
sustainability credentials of your product or organisation.

Carbon Measurement and Towards Carbon Zero

Attend to understand the context of carbon measurement and the
importance of robust action to reduce carbon emissions across the
supply chain.

Full details of all training courses with FIRA International are available here.

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