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New Fellowes ‘Tallo’ and ‘Tallo Modular’ ranges of monitor arms recognised for Ergonomics Excellence

21 Dec, 2021

Fellowes have been recognised by the ergonomics experts at FIRA International through an Ergonomics Excellence Award for their new Tallo and Tallo Modular ranges of monitor arms.

The FIRA International Ergonomics Excellence Award recognises companies who design and manufacture ergonomically outstanding products, especially those that meet and generally exceed the requirements of British and European standards. In addition, the independent assessment of the Award includes whether the product demonstrates excellent ergonomic qualities, is designed according to appropriate ergonomic criteria, is user friendly and promotes comfort and wellbeing for the user, alongside complying with all relevant health and safety regulations and manufactured by a company with high quality standards and a good environmental policy.

With this in mind, the monitor arms within the Tallo Modular™ range were found to offer a wide range of flexibility for customers to select the right product to meet their specific needs. The range includes four single screen solutions, four dual screen solutions and two triple screen solutions. The monitor arms were very easy to install with minimal set-up required. In addition, the Tallo Modular™ monitor arms have a large range of adjustability which enables users to freely adjust the position of their monitors to suit their needs. These adjustments include viewing height, viewing distance, tilt, swivel and horizontal screen position (using slider). It is possible to adjust the amount of tension in all the joints to ensure that the movement of the adjustable features require minimal force, and the motion is especially smooth. The slider on the dual and triple arms is a novel and very helpful feature that makes it easy to align the monitor regardless of the size of the monitor being used, these are easy to adjust and support the weight of the monitors very well regardless of the position along the slide function, no unwanted tilt is experienced by the user.

Turning to the Tallo™ monitor arm range, this includes a single, dual and a compact dual monitor arm. All three monitor arms in the Tallo™ monitor arm range have a large range of adjustability which enables users to freely adjust the position of their monitors to suit their needs, with all the same adjustable features as the Tallo Modular range, all adjustments can be made smoothly and easily by the user during use without the need for tools. As with the Tallo Modular range, the cable management runs along the full length of the monitor arms, this is very easy to access and holds wires securely in place. This cable management prevents leads trailing across the desk and leaves the workspace clear.

User trials were conducted by FIRA International with an extended range of male and female users of varying statures, with all users stating that they would prefer to keep the Tallo monitor arm over their existing set-up.

Further information about the FIRA Ergonomics Excellence Award is available here.

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