Humanscale EE FR 500 Ergonomic Foot Rocker

Humanscale’s Foot Rocker Acknowledged for its Ergonomics Excellence

05 Aug, 2020

Humanscale’s Foot Rocker Acknowledged for its Ergonomics Excellence

Designers and manufacturers of ergonomic products, Humanscale, have received an Ergonomics Excellence Award from FIRA International for their FR 500 Ergonomic Foot Rocker.

The foot rocker encourages users to get their legs and feet moving through rocking, providing relief from fatigue and discomfort caused by siting for extended periods. The rocker is designed to engage the leg muscles, increasing circulation while also raising the feet to relieve pressure on the lower back.

Speaking on the Ergonomics Excellence, Levent Caglar, senior ergonomist at FIRA International said, “Our evaluation of the FR 500 Ergonomic Foot Rocker included trials with users of varying statures. Feedback was centred on how unconscious yet controlled the movement was. Users found it supported their feet and relieved pressure on underside of their thighs, and they all commented on how relaxing the foot rocker was to use. One stated how the rocking motion feels very natural, controlled and smooth, meaning their legs remained active whilst seated without being distracting.

“What’s interesting about the rocker is it’s weighted at the front, so it stays in a forward tilted position when no weight is applied to its surface. This weighted edge means that no effort is required to maintain a neutral foot and ankle position when using, however, it provides the opportunity for the user to maintain active leg movements, almost subconsciously.”

In addition to the Ergonomics Excellence Award, FIRA International confirmed that the FR 500 Ergonomic Foot Rocker also met the requirements of BS EN ISO 9241-5:1998 Ergonomic requirements for office work with visual display terminals (VDTs) — Part 5: Workstation layout and postural requirements.

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