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Ergonomic Café Receive Ergonomics Excellence Accolade

10 Jul, 2020

Ergonomic Café Receive Ergonomics Excellence Accolade

Manufacturers, Ergonomic Café, have received an Ergonomics Excellence Award from FIRA International for their new ‘TIO Laptop & Tablet Support’.

The evaluation of the TIO included expert assessment by the ergonomics experts at FIRA International, alongside user trials taking place with participants of varying statures, utilising various laptop sizes and tablets.

Speaking after assessment of the TIO, Levent Caglar, senior ergonomist at FIRA International said, “What impressed the team was TIO’s lightweight and portable design, enabling users to achieve an ergonomic workstation almost anywhere. Within an office environment we often move from desk to meeting room – but in these cases we tend to take a tablet or laptop and go, then finding ourselves hunched over a desk. I see this often in coffee shops and in public spaces too, with users forced to work in positions governed by the fixed height of tables and chairs. With the TIO being so portable it helps to break down barriers to having a mobile ergonomic solution.

“Furthermore with so many of us suddenly finding ourselves working from home in the current climate, the TIO opens up options to improve home work stations.”

John Andrew, MD at Ergonomic Café added, “We often rely on the ergonomists at FIRA International for third party assessment of our products, and we’re pleased the TIO has been so well received through this Ergonomics Excellence accolade.

“Unlike some other stands the TIO supports the tablet screen in a more upright position to reduce glare and reflected light, either portrait or landscape. At just 210 grams the TIO is so easily portable, being just 10mm in thickness and folding down to such a compact size, it makes agile or home working easier.”

In addition to the Ergonomics Excellence Award, FIRA International confirmed that the TIO also met the requirements of BS EN ISO 9241-5:1998 Ergonomic requirements for office work with visual display terminals (VDTs) — Part 5: Workstation layout and postural requirements.

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