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"Very efficient service, friendly guy who repaired our stool ... delighted!"

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"He was a nice man and also he explained the issue so I understood what had happened and he then went on to fix the problem. The visit overall gave me the result I wanted which was super!"

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“FIRA International have been a long-term partner to Relyon and over the past 10 years we’ve used them exclusively and have found their technician service to be first class.

Their office and technician teams are reliable and knowledgeable, providing a great independent and unbiased view on wide and varying issues. They have been a strong link between ourselves and the end customer – providing Relyon and all our retail partners with 100% confidence.

They provide a responsive and detailed in-home technician service that allows us to make independent, unbiased decisions when quality concerns arise with end consumers.

The FIRA partnership to date has undoubtedly helped improve Relyon’s service to our customers. Their excellent service is further supported by robust integrated IT systems delivering clear reporting and communication. We have been extremely pleased with their professionalism and their ability to work with our small independent customers as well as our larger multinational customers.”

Mark Coulson, Head of Quality & Compliance Relyon

"Very friendly. Good communication and explained what he was checking and why. Felt like he took a real interest in the issue and didn't dismiss it. Have had an issue previously with a piece of furniture and had the polar opposite experience"

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“Sleepeezee have worked with FIRA Service Technicians for many years and throughout this period we’ve found they continually deliver as they promise, an independent and professional service. Their inspection reports are comprehensive, clear and written objectively and also transparent to customers and ourselves which allows my team and I to manage the reported manufacturing issue effectively.

FIRA Service Technicians are consistent with their ability to inspect appointments within agreed timelines and offer great support to Sleepeezee required. We would recommend FIRA Service Technicians to any company as you will not be disappointed.”

Stewart Gofford, Customer Accounts Manager Sleepeezee

"Luke was very polite, kept completely to Covid guidelines with masks and gloves and as a person who has been shielding since mid-March was needed and very much appreciated. Luke was very polite and professional too, looked after furniture he was looking into and tidied up after himself"

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"I feel very reassured by the technical explanation by Gary and his opening up of my sofa to reveal the cause of the problem and taking photos of the faulty component. He also explained the repair procedure that will follow"

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