Inspection and repair
FIRA Service Technicians

How We Inspect and Repair

Our dedicated training center ensures that all technicians are trained to the same high standards in the latest inspection and repair techniques. They also all carry the same 'kit bag', so each technician is always fully equipped for any inspection or repair.

Education and customer reassurance is a key facet of our service. Our technicians will explain the ’science’ behind the issue and offer advice on care to help maintain product’s lifespan. This results in improved customer satisfaction.

Below you can see some of the more common repairs our technicians carry out on a regular basis.

Scratch Repair

In this example you can see a cabinet scratch repair, which would apply to domestic and commercial furniture - across any setting

Upholstery repair

Here there is a re-stitch example in the home. Our experts apply the same technique for repairs in the commercial sector too, such as reception areas, hospitality, caravans etc.

Paint Repair

A paint repair to bring a wardrobe 'back to new'. Various layers of paint are applied to achieve the final result

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